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Sadly, Atticus Finch is dead.  So are the small town lawyers you could trust to provide great legal advice at a fair price.

The brave new world of the modern legal profession has some dirty little secrets.

The goal of this blog is to educate CLIENTS about what is really going on in these shark-infested waters, and to provide guidance on how best to successfully manage and control the quality and cost of YOUR legal services.

If you are in need of further advice on your specific situation, please feel free to contact us regarding our client-focused consulting services.

Your Fearless Blogger:


Mike Ayotte aka The Last Honest Lawyer

I graduated from a prestigious law school with high hopes and lofty ideals.  I was lucky enough to secure a well-paying job with a well-known Los Angeles law firm.  During the recruiting process, I thought I was reliving the glory days of “L.A. Law” – endless happy hours at swanky hot spots, seats behind home plate and a very light actual workload.

Then the honeymoon ended.  Starting on Day 1 as a revenue-generating associate, I was given a huge minimum billable hour quota with big incentives for billing amounts higher than the already high quota.  Okay, I’m young and hungry, just bear down and grind away.  Only one problem – I wasn’t given enough actual work to justify hitting my quotas – yet, was told in no uncertain terms, by those with the power to fire, to be damn sure I hit those numbers.  With this little conundrum, the seeds of this blog were sowed…

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  1. Susan Bella-Howland permalink
    April 2, 2014 9:45 pm

    Thank you for this discussion on legal services. I am NOW an old, injured woman in Northern Indiana, who has witnessed some of the most severe “Battered Client Syndrome” imaginable from my legal service, attorneys,these last 28 months. Reading your words have made me laugh, cry, and realize what I have witnessed is what you write of in the business world, but what I lived in my personal life, (with my civil case against a negligent roofer, who ruined my home and attorney service. Things have to CHANGE in the legal world! Accountability, honesty, fair consumer practices!!!! Thank you for your courage in addressing the issue of honesty and accountability in the legal profession.


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