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The Billable Hour is Dead to Me

June 1, 2013

You can thank D. Casey Flaherty for the tweak to my “The Billable Hour is Dead” headline.  Mr. Flaherty, the driving force behind those pesky little tech audits that no law firm has yet to pass (and who in his spare time dabbles as Corporate Counsel for Kia Motors America), recently brought this article from Slate to my attention, “Declaring Things Dead is Dead.”  Noting that Nietzsche started the “declaring things dead” form in 1882, with his infamous statement “God is dead,” the author proclaims:

Declaring things dead — long a popular way for writers to draw attention to themselves — is totally, inescapably dead.

Point taken, Casey.  Busted.  You win.  I guess I was trying to use a catchy headline to pull in some extra readers.  But I’m man enough to ‘fess up and do the right thing, so I’ve changed the headline for Part Ia. No more trickery for me, just hard-hitting content.

The Billable Hour is Dead to Me

The Billable Hour is Dead to Me

Blah blah blah.

Have a great weekend, everyone.  Part II to follow shortly.

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